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Netpresence Inc.
Application development and consulting firm. We specialize on web based applications and mobile solutions developed in the .NET framework.
Created on Mon, Aug 6 2007. Updated on Fri, Mar 1 2013.
Ave. Fernandez Juncos #1655
2nd Floor
San Juan, PR 00910
Tels: 787-727-1440

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ITX Puerto Rico, Inc. Facebook Logo
Information Technology Consultants in Puerto Rico. Computer sales, hardware, software, servers, laptops, support to small and medium business.
Created on Mon, Feb 18 2013. Updated on Tue, Aug 8 2017.
PO Box 190634
San Juan, PR 00919
Tels: 787-528-2895

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Netxar Technologies, Inc.
A consulting company specialized in the architecture, implementation and management of key network and information technologies.
Created on Mon, Oct 11 2004. Updated on Wed, Jan 25 2012.
17 Ponce Street
Hato Rey
San Juan, PR 00917
Tels: 787-765-0058 Fax: 787-756-5362

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Analyze the specific needs of our clients in order to develop solutions that may improve informatics systems and complement their business growth.
Created on Mon, Apr 12 2004. Updated on Tue, Jun 9 2015.
RR-9 Box 1892
San Juan, PR 00926
Tels: 787-810-8280, 787-450-8781 Fax: 787-296-0573

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S3, Inc. Updated!
S3, Inc. is a full-service computer consulting firm, offering expert solutions to any/all technology problems.
Created on Tue, May 3 2005. Updated on Thu, May 28 2020.
Tower 1, Ste. 506, Road # 28 Km. 0.0
Centro Internacional de Mercadeo
Guaynabo, PR 00968
Tels: 866-301-7377, 787-620-2654 Fax: 787-620-0502

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MacMAX Consulting
Macintosh Systems Consulting & Support Services. - We are your Macintosh MIS/IT part time staff - Member of the Apple Consultants Network.
Created on Sat, Jun 4 2005. Updated on Mon, Apr 25 2005.
P.O. Box 40816
San Juan, PR 00940
Tels: 787-391-8562

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ITT Coop
Empresa cooperativa especializada en desarrollos estratégicos, aplicación de tecnologías de información y telecomunicaciones para cooperativas y demás empresas.
Created on Mon, Jul 17 2006. Updated on Fri, Jan 11 2013.
Edif. La Electrónica, Warehouse 2
Carr. 1
San Juan, PR 00926
Tels: 787-641-3430 Fax: 787-620-5952

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CEG Soft
Our Software Solutions are tailored to foster efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly workplaces...
Created on Tue, Apr 10 2012. Updated on Thu, Jul 28 2016.
P.O. Box 70198
San Juan, PR 00936-8198
Tels: 787-287-2777 Fax: 787-287-7948

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Midnite Computer, Inc.
Midnite Computer, Inc. is a computer consulting company that supports companies all of their computing needs.We specialize in the installation, integration, networking and maintenance of multi-user systems
Created on Thu, Jan 22 2004. Updated on Fri, Jul 9 2010.
P.O. Box 70
Naranjito, PR 00719-0070
Tels: 787-869-6588, 787-630-5187 Fax: 787-869-2524

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IT Solutions of Puerto Rico
IT Solutions provides Information Technology consulting, application development, integration and web page construction services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. We work with honesty and integrity, and always have our clientÂ’s best interests in mind.
Created on Wed, Feb 28 2001. Updated on Sun, Dec 11 2011.
K-26 Generalife St.
San Juan, PR 00926
Tels: 787-761-6944

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Rochet Consulting Group
Team of highly devoted professionals in Computer sciences and Information systems fields.
Created on Thu, May 15 1997. Updated on Wed, Jul 14 2010.
San Juan, PR

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Technetpr Systems
Provides Information Technology consulting services for small to medium businesses. Our team carefully studies, analyzes and develops IT solutions to meet and exceed customer needs and budget.
Created on Sun, Jun 7 2009. Updated on N/A.
PMB 168 #200
Ave. Rafael Cordero Suite 140
Caguas, PR 00725
Tels: 787-586-6017

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FCD & Associates
Information Technology Consulting specializing in Management Consulting, Personal Computers, and IBM AS/400 systems.
Created on Wed, May 14 1997. Updated on Tue, Jul 19 2005.
San Juan, PR

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Truenorth Corporation Facebook Logo Twitter Logo
We are a technology and management consulting firm, specializing in Public Safety Systems, Technology Project Management and Business Growth.
Created on Mon, Feb 14 2005. Updated on Tue, Nov 26 2019.
Edificio Triple-S Plaza #1510
Piso 13 Ave. Roosevelt
Guaynabo, PR 00968
Tels: 787-706-3033 Fax: 787-775-5980

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Vicana Systems Corporation
We provide information systems solutions for Point of Sale (POS), Retail, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Accounting and Distribution to companies in United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.
Created on Sat, Jul 31 2004. Updated on Thu, Jun 21 2018.
500 Muñoz Rivera Ave.
El Centro II Suite 223
San Juan, PR 00919
Tels: 787-759-8635, 800-842-2621

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Intelligent Technologies Corp. Updated!
Computer and network solutions for small and medium sized businesses in Puerto Rico.
Created on Thu, Jun 7 2001. Updated on Thu, May 28 2020.
Capital Center Suite 802
239 Arterial Hostos Ave.
San Juan, PR 00918
Tels: 787-622-7874 Fax: 787-753-1826

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Endeavor Systems Solutions
Endeavor Systems Solutions is an Information Technology Consulting Enterprise. Offering Software & Hardware, Systems Maintenance, Desktop Support, Computer Repairs, Web sites, Domain registration, Web hosting, DNS, Secure email mailboxes.
Created on Thu, Dec 7 2006. Updated on Mon, Aug 22 2011.
1053 Clínica Española Rd.
Mayagüez, PR 00680
Tels: 787-602-5168

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DATALink Systems
Year 2000(Y2K)solutions provider. Hardware sales, Windows NT networks, software developers and consulting services.
Created on Sun, Apr 5 1998. Updated on Wed, Aug 3 2005.
San Juan, PR

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Technology Alliance Group
Technology Alliance Group, Inc. nace como resultado del progresivo aumento en la necesidad de servicios de consultoría en computadoras, apoyo técnico, asesoramiento y educación en el uso y manejo correcto de tecnología informática.
Created on Mon, Mar 19 2001. Updated on Tue, Jan 12 2010.
Mayagüez, PR 00680
Tels: 787-265-5570

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Wovenware Twitter Logo
Wovenware is a software development and engineering company. We partner with customers to create technology solutions for mission-critical challenges, such as increasing profitability, breaking into new markets, or streamlining operations.
Created on Mon, Jan 12 2015. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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OG Consulting
Computer Consulting, Linux, Enterprise Accounting, Parts and Accessories, Programming, Information Servers, E-mail, and Internet/Web services for Puerto Rico and Latin America
Created on Thu, Apr 8 1999. Updated on Mon, Dec 3 2018.
Urb. Santa Clara; W-1 Anamu
Guaynabo, PR 00969-6841
United States
Tels: 787-731-4332 Fax: 787-731-4331

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GMN Information Technology, Inc.
Small Business Outsourcing Services - San Juan, PR. We provide assistance in design and installation of LANs for today's business. We will help you evaluate needs, recommending the right solution for businesses: design phase, cabling services, HW and SW.
Created on Fri, Mar 30 2001. Updated on Tue, Jul 8 2008.
Pico Center
120 Ave Condado Suite 202
San Juan, PR 00907
Tels: 787-977-1358 Fax: 787-977-1356

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IT Telecom
IT infrastructure company that designs, installs and manages the physical layer infrastructure including structured, network data cabling of voice, low voltage systems, fiber optic installations and wireless networks for organizations throughout Puerto Rico...
Created on Tue, May 8 2012. Updated on Thu, Jun 14 2012.
HC 3 Box 14612
Yauco, PR 00698
Tels: 787-941-1135

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Tech Group, Inc.
We provide Consulting Services in the area of Information Technology. We focus on those enterprises that have made the commitment to evaluate and implement information technology innovations to develop a more efficient and automated commercial structure.
Created on Mon, Nov 16 1998. Updated on Sun, Oct 18 2009.
528 Arrigitía St
Urb. Roosevelt
San Juan, PR 00918
Tels: 787-767-7336, 787-758-3967 Fax: 787-765-8587

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Multi Technology Consultant
Multi Technology Consultant services comes to you with 30 years of Information Technology in both private and public sectors. MTC brings this unique experience and knowhow necessary to maintain personal and small businesses computer environments.
Created on Fri, Oct 9 2009. Updated on Sun, Feb 16 2020.
PO Box 8388
San Juan, PR 00910-0388
Tels: 787-307-5517

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Open Computer Technology
Dando servicios en el area de informática a empresas. Entre nuestros servicios están Reparación de computadoras, páginas web, diagnóstico, redes , mantenimiento preventivo correctivo, etc.
Created on Mon, Jan 5 2009. Updated on Tue, Nov 26 2019.
Suite 1 #220
130 Winston Churchill Ave.
San Juan, PR 00926-6018
Tels: 787-206-7888

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CervTech Solutions
Our services include business and technology consulting, application services, systems integration, custom software development, maintenance, IT infrastructure services and business process outsourcing.
Created on Mon, Feb 25 2008. Updated on Fri, Apr 26 2013.
P.O. Box 70171 - PMB 169
San Juan, PR 00936-8171
Tels: 787-399-9649

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Alternative eSolutions (AeS) Facebook Logo !3
We provide services to control business inventory. Point of Sale, Liquor Control, Security Cameras.
Created on Thu, Sep 18 2014. Updated on N/A.
Caguas, PR

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Technology Partners, Inc.
Data Warehousing; ERP, CRM, HR/Payroll; System / Web Development; Administration and Monitoring.
Created on Sun, Feb 27 2005. Updated on Sun, Feb 5 2017.
PMB 378-1353
Rd. 19
Guaynabo, PR 00966
Tels: 787-774-8865 Fax: 787-783-3361

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TriCoastal Consultants
The BEST consulting for your business. If it starts or ends with 'computer', we do it.
Created on Thu, Feb 20 2003. Updated on Fri, Jan 31 2014.
P.O. Box 2702
Mayagüez, PR 00681-2702
Tels: 787-826-3787 Fax: 787-826-3756

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