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UCS, Inc. ?90
Computer support, programming and repair services.
Created on Mon, Mar 20 2000. Updated on Tue, Sep 11 2012.
894 Muñoz Rivera Ave.
Suite 206
San Juan, PR 00927
Tels: 787-274-1199 Fax: 787-274-1456

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Micro Systems Consultants
Home of MSC-Payroll, a payroll system designed to comply with all payroll processing requirements for Puerto Rico.
Created on Thu, Oct 2 2003. Updated on Mon, Mar 20 2017.
Suite 1008
268 Ponce de León Ave.
San Juan, PR 00918
Tels: 787-758-6430 Fax: 787-765-4997

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MailPrep Corp.
Software development with an emphasis on Postal Address Validation CASS LACSLINK ZIP+4 DELSTATS ActiveX/COM Servers, Demographic -Socioeconomic, Market Penetration, Census GeoCoding, Radius Selectivity, Databases and Communication technologies.
Created on Thu, Sep 7 2006. Updated on Wed, Sep 6 2006.
180 Carr 842 Ste 5405
San Juan, PR 00926
Tels: 787-810-7451 Fax: 787-708-0128

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eMobilePOS® Facebook Logo Twitter Logo
Accept payments on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad anytime, anywhere with eMobilePOS. On-the-spot checkout has arrived!
Created on Mon, Feb 26 2001. Updated on Tue, Apr 3 2007.
San Juan, PR 00917

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TrenUrbanoApp Best!
Check the Puerto Rico Tren Urbano schedule quickly from your phone. Uses GPS to automatically select the nearest station. Soon you will also be able to track Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses (AMA) buses in real time...
Created on Mon, Jun 9 2014. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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Diseños del Arte, Inc. [DDAGroup, Inc.]
Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Móviles. Diseño de Páginas de Internet.
Created on Sun, May 19 2013. Updated on N/A.
Ave. Fernández Juncos Edif. 1602
San Juan, PR 00909
Tels: 787-722-1060 Fax: 787-728-3092

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The blog of the Puerto Rico 2014 Code for America Fellow team, Maksim, Ainsley and Clara. Why coqui? The coquí is one of the most common frogs in the island...
Created on Thu, Sep 25 2014. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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DimontSystem ?336
The Hacker Antivirus elimina cualquier tipo de virus informático y mantiene un alto nivel de seguridad. Es efectivo, veloz y fácil de instalar, no afecta el rendimiento de su computadora ni el desempeño de la red.
Created on Wed, Jan 4 2006. Updated on Thu, May 12 2011.
Cond. La Morada Apt. 1114
205 Calle José Oliver
San Juan, PR 00918-1425
Tels: 787-473-5174

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AIM Corporation
Programas de Contabilidad desde el 1995. Radique su planilla de Individuos sin costo o llene corporaciones, 1040PR, Patente, Crim con la versión completa.
Created on Sat, Feb 20 2016. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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ESE Web Manager
ESEWebManager es una aplicación que permite de manera fácil, pero segura la configuración y administración de páginas web. De manera sencilla y fácil puede diseñar su página y también administrarla. Eficiente, Sencillo y Económico.
Created on Fri, Apr 22 2011. Updated on N/A.
268 Ponce Leon Ave.
Suite 1405
San Juan, PR 00918
Tels: 787-620-5597

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Jaime Te Lleva
Aplicación para teléfonos móviles que conecta al usuario con choferes profesionales que ofrecen transportación confiable y de calidad las 24 horas. Disponible para Área Metropolitana y Ponce.
Created on Wed, Oct 26 2016. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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Complete Accounting Software solutions for any type of business including: stores, auto repairs, retailers, distributors, etc.
Created on Fri, Apr 20 2001. Updated on Sat, Aug 17 2002.
Delta #1306 B
Puerto Nuevo
San Juan, PR 00920
Tels: 787-783-1022, 787-781-4513 Fax: 787-774-3752

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Sense Software International ?275
an organization leader in the world of enterprise software technologies. Our products and services enable organizations to simplify, automate and successfully manage integral operational components, i.e., payroll, human resources, and work force time and attendance.
Created on Wed, Oct 6 2004. Updated on Thu, Nov 10 2005.
202 Federico Costa St., Suite 202
Urb. Ind. Tres Monjitas
San Juan, PR 00918
Tels: 787-282-8047 Fax: 787-250-1159

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Neodeck Software
NeoDeck Software is a corporation dedicated to the creation of custom made software, network services, technical support and developer tools. Neomed Patient Manager, Neodeck Data Spy, etc.
Created on Fri, May 20 2005. Updated on Tue, Nov 17 2015.
San Juan, PR
Tels: 787-344-3538

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Tributa.org Twitter Logo
Puerto Rico tax preparation software for individuals and corporations.
Created on Tue, Nov 5 2013. Updated on Mon, Apr 3 2017.
San Juan, PR

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Online privacy protection, security solutions, software and resources to protect against all Internet threats. SafestWare security solutions, from personal and enterprise Anti-Spyware and the best Anti-Virus to Spam protection and free personal firewalls.
Created on Tue, Nov 30 2004. Updated on Wed, Aug 16 2006.
Park Gardens Office Center, S-1 El Morro
San Juan, PR 00926
Tels: 1-309-210-1075 Fax: 1-309-210-1075

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Computer Expert Group
Since 1995 CEG is the leading company on Tax Software in Puerto Rico. Taxmania.
Created on Mon, Mar 27 2006. Updated on N/A.
P.O. Box 70198
San Juan, PR 00936
Tels: 787-287-2777 Fax: 787-287-7948

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Wovenware Twitter Logo
Wovenware is a software development and engineering company. We partner with customers to create technology solutions for mission-critical challenges, such as increasing profitability, breaking into new markets, or streamlining operations.
Created on Mon, Jan 12 2015. Updated on N/A.
San Juan, PR

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