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Send e-mail with your questions to webmaster@wepa.com. We will attempt to answer the most frequent ones in this page. Thanks!

  1. The Directory

    1. How do I add my site?

    2. How much does it cost to add my site?

    3. How do I update the information listed for my site?

  2. The Search Engine & Search Results

    1. How do I add my site...

    2. How do I add a new page...

    3. My site appears last...

    4. My home page is not the first...

    5. I changed my site radically...

  3. Site Registration Wizard

    1. I can't find my URL.

  4. Advertising With Us

    1. Why do you charge some sites a registration fee?

    2. Why won't you join our new affiliate program?

  5. Requests For Help

    1. I'm looking for John Doe.

    2. Can you send me...?


  1. The Directory

    1. How Do I Add My Site?

      You must use the Site Registration Wizard to add your site to our database.

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    3. How much does it cost to add my site?

      At the moment, if your company is headquartered in Puerto Rico, adding your company's site to our Puerto Rico directory is free.

      If your company is headquartered in a Latin American country such as Argentina or Mexico, you may add your company's site to the appropiate country database, i.e. Argentina or Mexico, for free.

      Companies headquartered in the United States, Spain, or any other country for which we do not have a specific directory, must pay a one-time registration fee of US $25 to be listed in our global hispanic directory.

      Please note that by our definition of the word headquarters your company can have only one. If for some reason your web site lists more than one headquarters, we will use the most important one... which is usually the first or top address listed.

      There is no way to list your company in more than one country directory for free.

      Personal web sites are treated similar to corporate ones, except that a person's headquarter is mostly assumed to be his/her place of residence. It is rather easy to tell in which country you live, so please do not cheat. Cheaters get deleted...

      All registrations are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. All registrations are reviewed by a human being before being listed for the first time.

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    5. How do I update the information listed for my site?

      You must use the Site Registration Wizard to update the information associated with your site in our database.

      Once the Site Registration Wizard has appeared, select your language, click Next, select Modify an existing site, then click Next again and follow the instructions.

      You will need to know the password for the record associated with your site. If you do not know the password for your record, you will need to request it. You can request your password from the Enter the password page in the Site Registration Wizard.

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  2. The Search Engine

    1. How do I add my site to search results?

      You must use the Site Registration Wizard to add your site to our database. That will start the process.

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    3. How do I add a new page to search results?

      If the new page is not part of a site already registered in our database then your first and only step should be to use the Site Registration Wizard to add your site to our database.

      If the new page is part of a site already registered in our database, then nothing more needs to be done. Our software agent visits your site regularly and eventually will discover and index the new page.

      Some pages at your site may never be found and/or indexed due to a variety of reasons, including:

      • No links point to the new page, so it is effectively hidden.

      • Our software agent visits your root page, extract the links, and then visits the pages pointed to by those links. That process repeats itself recursively 0-2 times. If your new page is buried under a deep menu or frame system, it will never be found.

      • You use a Content Management System that is not search engine-friendly.

      • You are using a misconfigured robots.txt file, effectively blocking our access to your new page.

      • Your site makes intensive use of Flash and/or Java menu systems. The link to your new page is programmed in Java and/or Flash, which search engines do not understand.

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    5. My site appears last on search results. How can I make it first?

      Search engines' mission is to lead the user to the documents that best satisfy his/her search query. Your pages will appear first inasmuch as their text content best fits the text sought by the user, and inasmuch as the text content of other sites doesn't. You should keep the following points in mind:

      • Text! Text! Text!

        The robot that visits your site does not use Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. It can not see images and can not distinguish words within images. It does not run or understand neither Java, nor Javascript. It can not follow links or push buttons using Java or Javascript. It can not hear sounds, or listen to music. It can not watch videos, or Shockwave and Flash animations.

      • Visit Search Engine Watch

        Become familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization. This site has various sections about the different global search engines and how to improve your site's positioning in their search results. Much of that information is applicable to us.

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    7. Searches return pages from my site, but not the home page. Is there a problem with my home page?

      Search engines' mission is to lead the user to the documents that best satisfy his/her search query. Your pages will appear first inasmuch as their text content best fits the text sought by the user.

      In the case of documents with FRAME and/or IFRAME tags, each frame constitutes an additional separate document. The container document is also indexed but, as it generally contains little text, it rarely shows up among search results.

      The suggestion we make is that you utilize the following HTML elements in your documents with FRAMEs: <NOFRAMES> and </NOFRAMES>. Remember, not everything accessing your pages is using Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

      For a more extensive explanation of how some search engines work, please visit Search Engine Watch.

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    9. I changed my site radically, including the names of the pages. Why does my old site content still appear on search results?

      This problem solves itself given enough time and some patience on your part...

      When you delete a page in your site, a software agent on our end will detect the 404 Page Not Found error returned by your web server. However, this does not happen immediately. We have many pages to check and some pages are checked more frequently than others based on several factors. Whenever a page returns a 404 error, it is marked to be removed from our index and search results.

      Your new pages and your site's new content will be detected by our software agent when it visits your site's root page. Normally, you would place links to your new pages there, and remove the links to your old, deleted pages. Your new pages will be noted and eventually our software agent will visit those pages and index them.

      You should allow a month for all changes to your site to reflect completely on search results. However, some changes will reflect sooner. Changes to your site's root page reflect fastest.

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  3. Site Registration Wizard

    1. I can't find my URL.

      When you suggest your web site to us, you eventually receive two e-mail messages. The first is a confirmation that your site suggestion was received. The second is sent once your site has been reviewed and approved. Once you receive the second message, approving your site, it should be visible in the directory within the next 24 hours.

      There are several reasons why you might not be able to find your site. Read below and evaluate which of the following symptoms best describes your situation:

      • I have not even received the confirmation message.

        First let's cover the obvious: you must tell us the URL address of your site. You do this by filling-out a form.

        If you had already submitted the form, it is possible that an error might have occurred. Try notifying us the URL address via e-mail.

        If you had already notified us via e-mail, it is possible that there was a problem with your e-mail address and our message to you bounced. If the error is temporary, you will eventually receive our confirmation message.

        If you have tried to register more than one URL address, you will only receive one confirmation message. In general, we only list one URL address per person or corporation. Please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

      • I received the confirmation message, but not the approval message.

        Most likely, we have not had time to review your site yet. Give us at least one week to review your site.

        If you do not receive an approval message within two weeks, then either 1) your ISP or e-mail provider is blocking our e-mails or 2) your site was not approved. If you have not already, please review our Acceptable Use Policy.

      • I received both messages, the confirmation and approval messages, but can not find my site in the directory.

        Our approval message should indicate the category and the URL address of the directory page where your site will be listed. Your site must appear on that page within 24 hours of your receiving our approval message. Verify the whole page. Your site may be listed at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end. The position is randomized daily.

        New Sites appear first in our New Pages section for your country. Because of the quantity of new web site registrations, it might be visible there for only 1-3 days.

      • I received both messages, the confirmation and approval messages, and I found my site in the directory... but I can not find it when I search for it.

        Your site should appear in search results within 3-4 weeks of approval. During that time, our robot visits your web site, reads your pages and indexes them. The index is based on words and phrases that your site contains.

        Currently the search function is only available for the Puerto Rico database. Sites from other countries and regions do not appear on search results. At least not at the moment.

        If your site is not functional when our robot visits, do not worry... it will be visited again in a few weeks. Of course, that will delay its appearance in search results.

        If your site is still under construction when our robot visits, obviously any index created would be imperfect. This is one reason why we do not accept sites under construction.

        You may be using an inaccurate keyword or phrase to search for your site. Please read our answer to the next question on how to improve your site's position on search results.

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  4. Advertising With Us

    1. Why do you charge some sites a Registration Fee?

      Most new web site registrations come from regions outside our area of scope, which is mainly Puerto Rico and after that, the rest of Latin America. It is not possible or desirable for us to review and list every web site in the planet.

      Computer hardware and Internet access for our web site costs money. The very reasonable, one-time $25 fee helps pay for our time and for the maintenance of our site.

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    3. Why won't you join our new affiliate program?

      Many, many reasons...

      If we join yours, then we have to join the affiliate programs of all our other clients. Some programs are not so good as yours. So we choose to treat all our clients equally and not join any affiliate programs.

      Frankly, we have had bad experiences with all affiliate programs except Amazon.com.

      All affiliate programs have one fatal weakness: we only get paid on the sales that you report. It is relatively easy to cheat. Affiliate companies track when a web page in your store site is accesed, not when a credit card is charged...

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  5. Requests For Help

    1. I am looking for John Doe, can you help me?

      If you look for a person, we suggest that you try searching for his/her name and/or last name.

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    3. Can you send me some brochures?

      We regret that we do not have any brochures or samples to send via mail.

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